EQT Ventures III:

New Frontiers

This decade will define the century, and ultimately the fate of humanity. Today, in the face of economic uncertainty, energy crises and climate change – the greatest threat of our time – tomorrow looks a few shades darker than anyone expected.
Yet the story of mankind is propelled by our relentless pursuit of new frontiers. Innovation has pushed the boundaries of what can be and transformed every facet of the economy, but at a steep cost – to our climate, our social fabric, and our mental and physical well-being. Now, as we stand on the brink of make or break for the world, it’s time to close this frontier and discover the next. To swim through the wake of move-fast-and-break-things into the move-fast-and-fix-things era.
That’s where you come in, with your groundbreaking idea and drive to secure a future for the generations to come. But your vision needs a fast track to gain traction: funding to deliver at scale and support to execute at lightning speed.
That’s our cue. We’re a VC built to empower the new wave of founders tackling climate tech, food tech, the creator economy, energy, fintech, software, data & IT infrastructure, deep tech and more. We provide radical support and high commitment lead investments to convert ambition into action, ideas into impact, and founders – from early stage to early growth – into frontier forgers.
With a freshly raised €1.1bn fund and a team of founders and operators across Europe and the US who’ve been in your shoes and walked this terrain, let’s chart the way to the next frontier together.